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Make Boulevard Hot Cakes with Hull Rises

Join Hull Rises for a session of bread baking and creative writing that’ll end in a feast of words and Hull’s very own bakery classic—Hot Cakes straight from the wood-fired oven and lush with butter. 

17th July 2017

Bread Baking and Creative Writing at Western Library 

262-264 Boulevard, Hull HU3 3ED  

29 July 11am to 3pm 

While making bread, participants will get to think about all their personal connections with this basic, beautiful food, and discuss the part it’s played in their wider histories. No matter where you’re from, the combo of flour and water will have touched your life in some way. 

So if you’re interested in baking and fancy a go at writing, or just talking about your memories of bread making, join us for a fun, family-friendly day that’ll leave you with some new skills and hungry to bake and write more. 

To make the most of this experience, book your place and collect a sourdough starter kit from Western Library during usual opening hours. We’ll be using the starter on the day to make our unique Boulevard dough! 

Hull Rises is Hull UK City of Culture 2017 project run by the Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education at the University of Hull. This project is part of the University’s literature programme, which is coordinated by Professor Elisabeth Salter. Hull Rises is also supported by The British Council. 

The workshop will be hosted by poet John Wedgwood Clarke, artisan baker Patrick Crabtree and University of Hull playwright Sarah Jane Dickenson.  

They will also be joined by the performance artist Laura Wilson, who is working on a new commission from Humber Museums Partnership and Invisible Dust, exploring the history of milling and baking. 

John Wedgwood Clarke says: “I’ve found that making things often gets people thinking differently about their lives, which is a great position from which to start writing. Bread making is perfect for this as it’s such a sensory experience, just getting your hands stuck in and smelling the yeast can bring on sudden rushes of memory. And bread cuts across all cultures and classes — it’s food in common, food that brings us together — that’s the way Hull Rises.”  

No previous experience of baking or writing is required. 

This is a free event, but booking is essential. To book your place go to Hull Box Office: